Barrett-Jackson Northeast First Timer's Guide

By Allie Shriver March 02, 2017

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Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions are always a grand time. Nothing is grander than the Northeast Auction, now in its second year, held at Mohegan Sun. You can enjoy the auction at this amazing location along with some gambling, spa time, and golf. Mohegan Sun has it all and this auction is the premier summer event. Never been to a Barrett-Jackson Auction? We’re covering the biggest must-dos for our First Timers! 

  1. The Opening Night Gala

The Opening Night Gala is one of the best events of the weekend. Dress up a bit and make a night of it! After all, you’re at Mohegan Sun! This is the perfect setting to unwind and have some fun before the serious bidding begins. You’ll make new friends, hear a few words from Craig Jackson, and scope out your competition. 

  1. The Staging Lanes

Barrett-Jackson NorthEast

Seeing the cars in the Staging Lanes is a blast – you can’t beat this view of the cars.  You’ll be there as the cars are prepped to reach the block. Ask questions and give compliments to the owners. Use this time to really explore the cars at the Northeast Auction. 

  1. The Earth Suite

Take in all of the excitement of the Barrett-Jackson auction from the Earth Suite! This venue has an elevated side view of the auction arena. This is perfect to see everything going on. You also have access to gourmet food, an open bar, and private restrooms.

  1. Be Ready

You never know what will happen at a Barrett-Jackson Auction! Carry a sharpie everywhere – famous people love cars. As a VIP, you’ll have the VIP Auction Tour, and anyone could pop up. We hear Craig Jackson likes to mingle with the bidders. Don’t forget to try out the test track cars and go faster than you’ve ever been!


Be a VIP at Barrett-Jackson Northeast

There you have it – how to conquer Barrett-Jackson Northeast! Be sure to read our blog on the location itself here! What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on one of the hottest auctions of the year! Join us at Mohegan Sun for the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction. Click below for more information or give us a call at 844.528.3598.

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