Be a VIP at the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction

By Victoria Barnett


You could attend the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction with the rest of the general public, but I have a better idea: attend as a VIP! There’s nothing quite like the VIP experience – floor seating, auction tours, premium hospitality, to name a few awesome perks.

If you’re already excited, keep reading. If you’re not already excited, still keep reading. Why? Because I’m about to show you the most incredible experience you can have at the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction. Let’s get started!

3-Day VIP Auction Ticket

This doesn’t need too much explaining. Just say hello to three days of excitement at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction.  

Floor Seating in Auction Arena

This highly-coveted seat can be yours… if the price is right! All jokes aside, our packages include a reserved seat on the floor. Floor seating at the auction only belongs to bidders, but we are the exception to the rule.

You can enjoy a floor seat – in the first five rows to the left of the arena – making you a hop, skip and a jump away from the auction block. In plain English, you’ll see the cars roll in and cross the block. Your name will be on the seat and everything, so you can move around, bid on a car or visit the hospitality without worrying about someone else taking it.

VIP Auction Tour

The auction tour actually makes you feel like a very important person. Why? Because you get to go under the ropes and get up close and personal with one of the most breathtaking collections at the auction: the Salon Collection. These are the most premium and recognizable cars that usually go for the most money. We are talking over a million dollars for one car.

Keep in mind the general public does not have access to this. Onlookers will stop and stare with envy because this experience is one of the coolest moments of the entire weekend.

You will also get a chance to tour the production trailer. At Scottsdale, the producer came out to give stats on TV viewers and the history behind getting a prime time spot on TV. It’s fun to learn about the history and background!


VIP Auction Block Tour with Photo Opp

The good times keep on coming! During the Auction Block Tour, you are allowed to go on stage where the cars are auctioned off and go behind the stage to mission control to see the production of it all. The General Manager of Barrett-Jackson gave the tour at Scottsdale, which was incredibly awesome because this is someone who knows anything and everything about Barrett-Jackson. He gave a lot of info – all of which was geared towards both beginners and experts at the auction.

You will also get to take a photo in front of the stage. We suggest hanging it on the wall of your home for all to see! Well, that might be a tad excessive, but there’s nothing wrong with showing off your awesome trip to Barrett-Jackson, right?


Opening Night Gala

The Opening Night Gala is the perfect way to kick off the Las Vegas Auction. Last year, the Mandalay Bay Beach was transformed into a beautiful Barrett-Jackson beach party. Guests had the chance to relax, kick off their shoes and wiggle their toes in the sand as the Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson and President Steve Davis gave a few words of welcome. You will get two tickets to this event – so don’t forget to grab a date!

Complimentary Bidder Badge

With a Bidder Badge comes a hefty price tag. I can tell you this – this inclusion is one of the best deals of the package. When you purchase it individually, you’ll have to pay the expensive fees. With us, we cover it for you.

Craig Jackson’s Private Auction Arena Skybox

You’re going to be in Vegas so you might as well do it big while you’re there. The Craig Jackson Skybox is the best way to enjoy the Barrett-Jackson Auction. The biggest reason is because this is where Craig Jackson sits – so yes, he will make an appearance and you will likely get to meet him!

Remember the auction block photo opp mentioned earlier? If you select this package, your photo opp will be with the man himself…CRAIG JACKSON.

Plus, the Craig Jackson Box is located stage right, closest to the stage, so you will get one of the best views available for the auction.

VIP Auction Arena Skybox Hospitality

You have two options as far as hospitality goes, with the Skybox hospitality being one of them and the Craig Jackson Box being the other.

In Las Vegas, the Skybox hospitality is in the Muscle Lounge, which is located behind the seating arena. The venue is elevated, so you are still able to see the stage and witness the action of the auction. There are also large screens that give an up-close view of the cars crossing the block. 


Premium Food

Say goodbye to the typical fare and hello to premium food. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice buffet of tasty dishes that will keep your stomach satisfied throughout the day.

Open Bar

Top shelf open bar always has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Sure, there are other areas at the auction where you can get a drink, but it comes with a price and requires patience. While everyone else is waiting in 15-20 minute lines to get a drink, you’ll be able to walk right up to the bar located in our hospitality venue.


Credential and Souvenir Lanyard

Convenience and a keepsake paired in one – you’re welcome! Keep your credentials around your neck for easy access to all the weekend’s events. No one wants to have to dig through their pockets to find what they need. The lanyard makes it easy. Plus, you have something you can add to your scrapbook or throw in a box and discover five years later.

Merchandise Card

Trying to figure out whether you want a t-shirt, hat or whatever it may be is like trying to figure out what birthday gift to buy for my second cousin’s boyfriend’s sister. Although I would love to know all about you, I don’t really know a thing! I don’t know if you would prefer a t-shirt, coffee mug, keychain, book bag, plaque with my face on it…

So with that being said, instead of guessing which awesome Barrett-Jackson souvenir item you would like the most, we are going to give you a merchandise card for the Barrett-Jackson gift shop so you can make that decision for yourself. We’re all adults here.


Attend the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction

That about sums it up! If those inclusions don’t win you over, then I am genuinely concerned. What better way to experience the Las Vegas auction than in-style with an all-inclusive Barrett-Jackson package? See you in Vegas!

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