How to Bid at a Barrett-Jackson Auction

By Evan Chronis July 03, 2019

If you've ever seen a Barrett-Jackson® auction, you know that it's multiple days of relentless bidding in hopes of scoring that one prized possession.

And if you've attended an auction in person or are planning to, maybe you want to get in on the action as a bidder.

Barrett-Jackson Bidders

While the process of bidding at a Barrett-Jackson auction can seem daunting at first, it is quite simple once it's broken down.

Just follow these steps and you'll be able to score the car of your dreams at the next Barrett-Jackson auction.

How to Register as a Bidder

The first step is to make sure that you are eligible to register as a bidder and obtain a bidder badge. 

To register, head over to and start the bidder registration process. You'll need to fill out the Bidder Agreement Form for your select event and provide all of these required items:

  • Registration Fee
    • This fee is payable only by credit card or personal or business checks
  • A provided color photograph of yourself for your bidder badge
    • Photograph only needed for first time bidders
  • Printed copy of your updated driver's licence, state ID card or passport
  • Proof of your auto insurance that will run through the dates of the desired auction
  • Signed initials on the Terms and Conditions pages attached to the agreement form

Second, you'll need to provide proof of financial credibility in case you purchase a car at a Barrett-Jackson auction. Barrett-Jackson has laid out several ways for potential bidders to prove this:

  • Pre-approval from Woodside Credit, a collector car finance company that can offer low monthly payment financing options to collector car buyers at an auction
  • Bank Letter of Guaranty
    • This comes with a minimum bid limit of $30,000
  • Wire Transfer
    • Minimum bid limit of $30,000
  • Bid Limit Deposit with cash or cashier's check
    • Required deposit of $9,000 for minimum bid limit of $90,000

    Once the Bidder Agreement Form has been collected with all the required items and the payment method has been approved, you will be granted a bidder badge for your select auction. 

Bidding at a Barrett-Jackson Auction

Once you're at the auction with your bidder badge, the fun begins. 

The first thing to do when on-site during the auction is to identify the Barrett-Jackson staff that will be pointing out bidders to the auction block. This is who you'll be trying to get the attention of when you're bidding. 

To get a good idea of the car you want to bid on, take a look at the daily list of the docket of cars for the day. This will identify the lot and lot number of each car that goes across the auction block. 

When you're ready to bid on a vehicle or piece of automobilia, raise your hand and a Bidding Assistant will signal to the auctioneer to register your bid. If you've been to an auction, you know the drill — if you really want to win something, you may have to raise your hand multiple times. 

What to Do Once You've Won

Once the hammer slams down, the vehicle or automobilia is officially yours. 

As soon as possible, head over to the cashiering area to sign all the necessary paperwork to complete and validate the purchase. 

Also make sure to arrange shipping of your vehicle to your desired location on the same day that you make a winning bid. You are not able to arrange shipping after the event has passed. 

When finalizing the purchase, keep in mind the premiums added to the sale price:

  • On-site Buyer's Premium — 10%
  • Absentee Buyer's Premium — 12%
  • On-site Automobilia Buyer's Premium — 15%
  • Absentee Automobilia Buyer's Premium — 17%

Attend a Barrett-Jackson Auction as a VIP

Make the bidding process easier than ever with an Official Ticket Package from Barrett-Jackson VIP Experiences. Packages come with a complimentary bidder badge (pending your approved application) and give you access to premier hospitality spaces where Bidding Assistants will have no trouble seeing you. 

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